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The source of phpRegister has been published under GPL V3. The main purpose of this publication is to help developpers to start a new project with a software infrastructure they can easily understand and modify to adapt it to their needs. I also wanted the code and its structure to be as easy as possible, so any Full Stack developper can be integrated to a project started with phpRegister.

Main features:
Admin main features:

First configure your SMTP service provider to send emails

Edit your file /config/config_smtp.inc.php to specify your email server provider.
Sending emails is mandatory to create your first account which will be by default an account with Admin rights.

You will find examples of SMTP service provider configuration but also how to use a Gmail account for your SMTP server.


Edit your file /config/config.inc.php to specify the default sender of emails:


Then, edit the file /include/php/emails/testing/basic.php to specify your email for testing:


And go to the page http://oniriv.cominclude/php/emails/testing/basic.php to test your configuration, specify ?send=1 and the end of this url to send the test email.

First account

Once you have created your first account, you can remove from the file /signup/ajax/ajax_account_create.php the following code:


Admin dashboard

For security reason you should rename the default name _dashboard of the admin folder and specify its new name on the config file /config/config.inc.php